4 things to consider when creating new lead ads on Facebook

Online marketing tactics and techniques are changing constantly and rapidly. In this free e-book we will learn you which actions you have to take to keep your Facebook ads running smooth and to outsmart competition

About this guide

In this guide, we’ll be going into detail regarding the necessary actions you need to take to run smooth lead ads campaigns and retargetting on the Facebook platform, keeping in mind the new rules of the game. These new rules are installed by Facebook in terms of privacy and GDPR regulations.

Download our free e-book

Some of the topics that you can expect when downloading this e-book:

  • Why it is important to build your own Database and use Facebook conversion API
  • You will learn what privacy measures Facebook will take and how your custom privacy policy can help you to keep your ads running
  • Why we recommend using Facebook Business Manager
  • Discover the impact of Apples latest iOS version 14 that are limiting tracking possibilities for your Facebook ads
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